Josh Zingerman is a LA-based freelance artist who specializes in storyboarding for film, TV, and animation, as well as comic books, concept art, and illustration.

As a storyboard artist, his previous clients include Kobe Bryant (ESPN's Detail), EA Games (Star Wars Battlefront I & II, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes), Mattel (Hot Wheels AI), Lego (DC Super-Villains), Bethesda (Prey), Dark Burn Creative (Gems of War, CoffeeMate), and many more. 

As a graduate of the Kubert School, he has a special passion for superhero, fantasy, and science fiction comics. His dream is to work for Marvel or DC.


The Kubert School — Cartooning & Graphic Art (2012-2015)

University of Southern California — Film & Television (2008-2011)